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[GET FREE] Lust from Beyond: Scarlet



"Lust from Beyond: Scarlet" is a stand-alone, free introduction to the full version of "Lust from Beyond" - a horror game with elements of eroticism and occultism. This is not a demo version - you won't experience any spoilers here. The presented story is unique to this title. "LFB: Scarlet" is the second introduction to the Lust from Beyond. The goal of this title is to present topics and mechanics not mentioned in "LFB: Prologue". This time we will focus more on survival, gore and sexual elements. Moreover, we will present a new faction - Scarlet Lodge.

Alan's mind is possessed by a hardly satisfiable sexual drive. To control his emotions, Alan meets with a psychiatrist who is supposed to solve his problems. During the session, Alan talks about a strange date in an abandoned theatre. The story quickly turns into an experience filled with dread and dark desires...

- Bold erotic motives adapted to the horror convention
- Interactive sex
- Running from your opponents and fighting mechanics
- A world inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger and Beksinski
- Exploration of graphically advanced environment full of interactive objects
- Ingenious puzzles
- Vibrant sound and music
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